Welcome! I am a Research Associate at the GESIS Leibniz Institute for the Social Sciences (Cologne). Previously, I was a postdoctoral researcher at ASCoR (University of Amsterdam). I received my PhD from the European University Institute (Florence), visiting the Data Science Lab at Hertie School (Berlin) and the psychology department of New York University. For my research in quantitative political science, I use surveys, administrative data, browsing and social media data. I am also the data editor at the journal Political Communication. Previous studies brought me to the University of Oxford, Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and Universität Bayreuth. Before my PhD, I worked for the media/tech startup Opinary and wrote on politics and culture as a freelance journalist.


February 8, 2024. New publication in the Social Science Computer Review: Our guide to "Analysis of Web Browsing Data" has now been published. It comes with a practical code guide for R and SQL published online.

September 29, 2023. New working paper: In this paper, we test whether ChatGPT could replace (or assist) expert coding of political text. The results are promising!

August 31, 2023. New release of R package webtrackR: I joined the team developing of webtrackR, and added several functions for pre-processing browsing data.

August 12, 2023. New working paper: With some others working with browsing data and surveys, I wrote up some dos and don'ts when pre-processing, classifying and modelling browsing data. Pre-print under review at the Social Science Computer Review.

August 10, 2023. New Study in Political Communication: In this publication we explore how much news and political content people really consume. Covered by the Nieman Lab.

April 29, 2023. New Study in Public Opinion Quarterly: In this paper, I estimate whether conservatives or liberals are better at discerning the truth with an innovative empirical method. Covered by psypost.org.

January 1, 2023. Data editor at Political Communication: As of today, I am taking on the newly established position of Data editor at Political Communication!

November 19, 2022. New Study in Nature: Humanities and Social Science Communications: In this paper we test whether consuming more – or less – news has positive or negative cognitive and political outcomes.

October 3, 2022. New Study in Information Technology & Politics: In this paper we use browsing data to explore the influence of local-news consumption on political knowledge, polarization and other outcomes.

August 10, 2022. Lynda Lee Kaid Award for Outstanding Published Paper in Political Communcation 2021. Honoured to receive the award for this paper with Paul Bauer.

July 18, 2022. New study in PNAS: In this study we explore the curious link between the increase of wolf attacks on livestock and voting. The project has been covered by Vice, the Canadian National Broadcaster and RTL, among others.

July 7, 2022. Blog post on "Fixed vs. random effects for browsing data": In this post I discuss two common modelling approaches for hierarchical data when there is little within-unit variation. Including simulations in R.

February 18, 2022. New chapter in "APIs for social scientists: A collaborative review": I contributed a chapter about the Google News API to this great open-source review edited by Paul C. Bauer and Camille Landesvatter.

September 16, 2021. Data-journalistic post on medium (in German): Germany is voting soon, and does not seem thrilled with its candidates. As I show in this post using fourty years of data, some are unpopular like hardly any candidate before them.

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